Embracing Investment Opportunities For A New Energy Future

The Ukraine Gas Investment Congress will bring together policy makers, energy industry leaders, investors and technology innovators to share future strategies, forge new partnerships and identify growth opportunities to fast-track the development of the Ukraine’s natural gas sector in line with the Energy Strategy of Ukraine 2035.

Set against a backdrop of 4 distinct pillars, the Congress will provide attendees with the opportunity to understand the unique investment and upcoming partnership openings in Ukraine’s energy sector.

  • Pillar 1 - Ukraine’s energy landscape
  • Pillar 2 - Industry transformation
  • Pillar 3 - Technology
  • Pillar 4 - Energy transition

Conference Programme

09:00 10:00

Meetings, Coffee and Networking

10:00 10:30

Congress Opening Keynote

Session Speaker:

Yuriy Vitrenko


Naftogaz of Ukraine

10:30 11:30

Redefining Ukraine’s Energy Future

The Ukrainian government has defined ambitious strategic targets to increase its domestic natural gas production by 50%, to halt natural gas imports by 2030 and to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Government policy and consistent regulatory frameworks play a key role in influencing foreign direct investment.  In the current investor landscape, and with Ukraine open for business, what are the opportunities available for neighbouring government partnerships?  And what is the current appetite of international energy companies, independents, investment banks and private equity players? 

Attendee insights

A must attend discussion to understand regional government and state-owned company expectations for Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Western Asia’s energy future over the coming 5-10 years.  How has Ukraine’s new recently signed investment law, attractive fiscal regimes, reforms and gas system unbundling been received by potential partners?


Yuriy Vitrenko


Naftogaz of Ukraine

George Niculescu

Secretary of State, Ministry of Energy


Maxim Timchenko



Petro Kotin

Acting President


Roman Opimakh

State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources



Sean Tiernan

Chief Operating Officer and Head of Advisory


11:30 12:30

Beyond Borders - Connecting and Delivering Gas to the European Union

Sustainable supplies of natural gas as a transition fuel will remain instrumental for Europe’s energy security in the next 30 years.  With an Association Agreement with the EU and Free Trade Agreements with 16 countries, plus 13 seaports with direct access to the Black and Azov Sea’s, Ukraine is strategically positioned to fulfil this requirement.

As energy transition gains pace and initiatives such as the EU Green Deal carbon border adjustment mechanism comes into effect, regional infrastructure modernisation becomes a necessity to enable transportation and export of not only natural gas and LNG, but alternatives such as hydrogen and biofuels.  With its vast midstream transit infrastructure and underground storage capacity, what are the immediate modernisation and integration needs to ensure a modern, efficient and resilient energy network for the future?  How do they compare and what can be learned from other neighbouring country networks?

Attendee insights

In this discussion, panelists will focus in on the importance of accelerating technology deployment and its pivotal role in maximising the regions natural resources, at the same time positioning infrastructure for energy security of supply and energy transition, the EU Green Deal, transportation and trading of decarbonised gases to the European Union.


Mavrikiy Kalugin

Member of Executive Board, Head of Upstream

Naftogaz of Ukraine

Sergiy Makogon

Chief Executive Officer

Gas Transmission System Operator (GTSOU)

Dr Janez Kopač


Energy Community Secretariat

Sergii Pereloma


Storage System Operator of Ukraine (UKRTRANSGAZ)


Olena Pavlenko

Group President

DiXi Group

12:30 14:15

Lunch, Networking and Meetings

14:15 15:15

A Gas Renaissance – Unlocking Ukraine’s E&P Potential

In 2020, Naftogaz took ownership of 40,000 square kilometres of onshore and offshore acreage for exploration and appraisal.  With a gas portfolio comprising greenfield and brownfield, onshore and offshore, there are wide-ranging opportunities to explore and produce conventional and unconventional gas at various stages of developed, explored, and underexplored. 

As part of Government plans to produce 30 billion cubic metres of gas per annum by 2030 to alleviate gas import dependency, Ukraine’s business environment is undergoing radical change to encourage foreign investment and international partnerships from public governance, anti-corruption laws, energy liberalisation and diversification, trading and pricing transparency and unbundling of state-owned conglomerates.

Attendee insights

A must attend discussion for specialised Independent E&P companies, international energy companies, global oilfield service companies, technology providers and investors looking to identify longer-term strategic investment opportunities and gain E&P access to key gas rich reserves within Ukraine and regional neighbouring countries.


Josip Bubnić

Exploration Director


Lyudmyla Kuchmenko


Geo Alliance Group

Stepan Kozytskyy



Nataliia Grebeniuk

Executive Director

DTEK Oil&Gas

Oleksandr Romanyuk

Head of Exploration and Production Division

Naftogaz of Ukraine

Igor Mazepa


Concorde Capital


Artem Petrenko

Executive Director

Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine (AGPU)

15:15 16:15

Investment Spotlight - Defining the Future of Hydrocarbon Investments

In a market framed by geopolitical uncertainty, the COVID-19 pandemic, energy transition and growing ESG requirements, how are global energy investors and private equity financiers factoring the Ukraine into their portfolios?

For the Ukraine to deliver upon the Governments strategic priority of becoming self-sufficient in gas production by 2030 and being the partner of choice for gas supply and transmission, anticipated spend of US $20-30 billion is required, making access to FDI a must.

Attendee insights

This panel will detail how the oil and gas sector’s access to finance is changing and shifting away from more traditional financing models.  How international players can partner successfully in Ukraine.  How ESG governance, disclosure and financial reporting is supporting the transition to sustainable, climate conscious hydrocarbon investments and the appearance of non-traditional investors rising in this space.


Hasan Demirhan

Vice President Banking

Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB)

Anthony Marino

President and CEO

Tenaz Energy

Charles Cormier

Regional Director for Infrastructure, Europe and Central Asia

World Bank

David Martinon


Expert Petroleum

Mathilde Mesnard

Acting Director for Financial and Enterprise Affairs

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

Igor Mazepa


Concorde Capital


Giovanni Salvetti

Managing Director

Rothschild & Co

16:15 17:00

MOU Signing Ceremony

09:00 10:00

Meetings, Coffee and Networking

10:00 11:00

Minister Keynote

Session Speaker:

German Galushchenko

Minister of Energy


11:00 12:00

Thinking Beyond Tomorrow – Energy Transition

With growing global urgency and as increasingly more companies and countries commit to climate conscious hydrocarbon production and net zero targets by 2050, what does the energy transition agenda mean for the Ukraine and how does it compare to other nations? and companies already making the transition from an international oil company to an integrated energy company? 

Energy sector reform remains central to Ukraine’s sustainable energy transition, subsequent growth and integration within the EU energy space.  At the same time, transparent financing mechanisms, modern management systems and access to international know-how are key to redesigning Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, unlocking access to low-carbon technologies to support its transition roadmap, opening new business avenues to CCUS, CO2 storage and hydrogen processing and transportation.

Attendee insights

A key discussion for all parties globally, already involved in, or looking to take an active investment and partnership role in supporting Ukraine’s energy transition journey.


Torsten Wöllert

Minister Counsellor – Energy

EU Delegation to Ukraine

Olga Bielkova

Director on Government and International Affairs

Gas Transmission System Operator (GTSOU)

Oleksiy Ryabchyn

Advisor to the Chairman of the Board

Naftogaz of Ukraine

Sergiy Nahorniak

MP and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency

Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy and Housing and Communal Services

Steve Freeman

Head of Energy Transition, Digital and Integration


Dr James Watson

Secretary General



Dr Thomas O'Donnell

Hertie School of Governance

Berlin and Energy and International Affairs Analyst

12:00 13:00

Bridging Energy Transition - the Hydrogen Vision

A possible supplier of renewable hydrogen as part of the EU’s Hydrogen Strategy, the Ukraine is set to enter the hydrogen race.  

With major countries and companies scaling up investment in potential hydrogen production and infrastructure, the Ukraine is no different in looking to enter the hydrogen challenge.  If modernised, its vast gas transmission and distribution pipelines would be capable of carrying hydrogen safely.  In parallel, Energoatom, Ukraine’s National Nuclear Energy Generating Company is investigating the potential for commercial hydrogen production.  How can cross-sector R&D and public-private partnerships fast-track commercial hydrogen technologies?  What are the immediate next steps and priority areas for Ukraine to realise this vision?  And what are the opportunities for the entire supply value chain to transition to a climate-neutral circular economy?

Attendee insights

In this panel, attendees will hear about the upcoming opportunities for collaboration within Ukraine’s hydrogen energy space and how investors and technology providers can get involved and become crucial partners in this exciting and important opening.


Oleksandr Riepkin


Ukrainian Hydrogen Council

Viktor Leleka

Deputy Director for International Projects


Dr Dirk Buschle

Deputy Director, Legal Counsel

Energy Community Secretariat

Dmytro Sakharuk

Executive Director


Oksana Roman

Energy Transition Leader in Central and Eastern Europe

Bilfinger Tebodin

Pawel Stanczak

Deputy General Director

Gas Transmission System Operator (GTSOU)


Dr Yulia Rybak

Minister of Energy of Ukraine

German-Ukraine Energy Partnership Secretariat

13:00 14:00

Lunch, Networking and Meetings

14:00 15:00

Black Sea Prospecting - a Potential Innovation and Energy Hub

Strategically placed between Europe and Asia and bordered by Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Turkey and the Ukraine, the Black Sea shelf is a potential E&P playground for its neighbouring countries. 

Already home to Romania’s Neptun Deep block gas discovery, Ukraine has been awarded exclusive rights to 20, 30-year E&P licences within the Neptun and Dolphin blocks.  Recognising its future potential, international partners have already signed MOUs to cooperate in unlocking the regions natural gas resources.

Attendee insights

In this panel, attendees will hear from industry executives as they look to boost regional cooperation, jointly implementing energy and infrastructure projects with their international partners.  The discussion will detail the opportunities open to investors and technology providers to partner, to accelerate new discoveries, delivering energy security and economic stability to each nation.


Maksym Vityk

Head of Exploration and Strategic Projects

Naftogaz of Ukraine

Vitaliy Radchenko

Partner, Energy & Projects

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang

Maksym Nemchynov

Deputy Minister of Energy

Ministry of Energy of Ukraine

Martin White

Vice President


Rafael Duque

Business Development & Commercial Director

OMV Petrom


Dr Aura Sabadus

Senior Energy Journalist


15:00 15:30

Meetings, Coffee and Networking

15:30 16:30

The Driving Need of Modernisation at Speed - Industry 4.0 Technology and Innovation

For Ukraine to realise its upstream potential and given ambitious Government growth plans, urgent modernisation of its oil and gas assets is a necessity.   

With a portfolio including over 140 conventional and unconventional brownfields, Naftogaz requires immediate access to the latest digital and Industry 4.0 technologies, along with international technical know-how to increase field output, operational efficiency, recovery of CO2 emissions and refurbishment of infrastructure interconnection points for product transmission.

Attendee insights

An important discussion for international technology and service providers and engineering procurement and construction companies, and investors to hear first-hand the modernisation and investment needs of Ukraine’s gas fields from drilling to enhanced recovery mechanisms, transport and distribution infrastructure, and supply value chain from CCUS, leak detection, interconnection upgrading, cost optimisation and digitisation.


Andrii Khomenko

Chief Technical Officer

Naftogaz of Ukraine

Professor Oleksandr Petrovskyy



Jim Bristow

Digital and Integration Manager for Europe


John Bell

Senior Vice President, International and Offshore Operations

Helmerich & Payne International Holdings

Adam Abu Saadeh

Senior Director, Global Growth



Dariusz Cichocki

Chairman and CEO


16:30 17:00

Congress Closing

Attendees will gain an executive recap of the Congress key announcements, discussion points and success stories, plus a round-up of immediate forward-looking actions and timelines for Ukraine’s strategy to achieve energy independence by 2030.