Embracing Investment Opportunities For A New Energy Future

Dariusz Cichocki

As a dual citizen of the United States and Poland, Dariusz leads Getka and 3 Seas Energy, a global operator in crude oil logistics, storage and transportation that provides solutions for European and Asian energy markets.

His background includes market and asset development throughout North America and Europe. 

He previously worked with Enbridge Inc, an $63 bln Canadian midstream company, as lead strategist for commercial tank and pipeline operations in the Midcontinent and Gulf Coast regions. He managed more than 20 million barrels of commercial oil storage and several pipeline systems, delivering more than 850,000 barrels of various crude types to market each day.

His work led Enbridge to experience a 250 percent increase in revenue in its business units throughout the Midcontinent region.  Specifically, during the tenure with Enbridge, Dariusz managed Spearhead, Ozark and Flanagan South Pipelines.  Spearhead and Ozark both increased revenue by 30-40% during this timeframe. 

On the terminals side, Dariusz developed an entirely new market for Enbridge which allowed for a rapid increase in throughput and blending activity. 

He has managed oil and gas activities for private equity in several business sectors in Europe and the Middle East.

He also worked with the Lama Energy Group to develop the Wildhorse project, a greenfield terminal project located in Cushing. 

From idea to reality, Dariusz developed the terminal in order to prepare it for Keyera, who ultimately purchased the system. 

Wildhorse was the first new terminal constructed in Cushing, the hub for oil trading in the United States in over twenty years. 

Furthermore, Dariusz and his team have developed various export markets, focused on US oil exports to European refining centers.

Dariusz’s current focus is the development of an integrated, cross-continent delivery system, able to provide targeted energy to critical and expanding economies, while also creating a series of carbon focused initiatives for US manufactured goods.