Embracing Investment Opportunities For A New Energy Future

Dr Thomas O'Donnell

Dr. Thomas W. O’Donnell is an international academic1 and a Senior Energy and Geopolitical Analyst at GlobalBarrel.com; treating the geopolitics of the global oil and gas system, and energy transition strategies.

Regions he has addressed include the USA, EU (especially Germany), Russia, China and OPEC states of the Middle East and Latin America (esp. Venezuela, Iran and Saudi Arabia).

He currently teaches at Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Germany (e.g.,, on Geopolitics of Global Oil and Gas Markets) and Freie Universitӓt’s European Studies Program-Berlin (FU-BEST) (e.g., on European Energy Transitions).

O’Donnell blogs at GlobalBarrel.com. Recent articles include for Berlin Policy Journal (Berlin), King’s College European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (London), Americas Quarterly (NYC/DC), Petroguía (Caracas & Latin America), AICGS (DC); in Natural Gas World,

He is often interviewed in Eastern Europe, and Wikistrat; and TV networks, such as: Al Jazeera-Doha, TRT-London, EuroNews-France, and Deutsche Wella-Germany

* In Summer 2019, O’Donnell was Resident Fellow at the Kennan Institute, Wilson Center, Washington, interviewing officials and experts on German-Russian gas-sector cooperation.

*In Spring 2015, he was Fellow of the American Institute of Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) & the German DAAD in Washington on German and EU energy vulnerabilities.

*During 2008 and ‘09 he was US Fulbright Scholar in Caracas, researching the political economy of oil under Chavismo, at Center for the Study of Development (CENDES/UCV).