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From 2019, he was holding the position of the Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine where he was in charge of the environmental issues. Roman has a degree in Law.

In June 2020 Abramovskyi was appointed as the Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine. In the Government, he is in charge of shaping up the state environmental policy and Ukraine’s involvement in the Green Deal initiative in terms of climate policy, forest sustainable management, biodiversity preservation and transition to the circular economy.

Upon his appointment as the Minister, Abramovskyi enhanced the importance of the issues of prevention and adaptation to global climatic changes in Ukraine. He is actively working on the implementation of the EU Directives in the field of environmental protection into the national legislation. As of late, the Government declared a new climate objective in Ukraine through 2030 and approved the updated Nationally Determined Contribution under the Paris Agreement.

Under Abramovskyi’s leadership, EU integration draft laws were prepared which, in particular, were targeted at the implementation of best waste management policies, sustainable management of water and forest resources, and development of the territories of the greatest environmental interest. The Minister is also actively promoting the initiatives aimed at the transformation of the Chernobyl zone and bringing it to the environmentally safe condition.

In professional circles, Abramovskyi is well known as a supporter of the introduction of the climatic governance architecture in Ukraine.