Embracing Investment Opportunities For A New Energy Future

Ukraine Gas Investment Congress brings experts together for second day

20 October 2021, Kyiv 

  • German Galushchenko, Ukraine’s Minister of Energy, will deliver a keynote address to open Day 2 of the Ukraine Gas Investment Congress in Kyiv. 
  • Topics for Day 2 include Innovation and Industry 4.0., energy transition, the role of hydrogen, and Black Sea Prospecting 
  • Speakers include the Secretary General of Eurogas, the President of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council, the Vice President of Halliburton, and the CTO of Naftogaz

German Galushchenko, Ukraine’s Minister of Energy, will deliver a keynote address to open the second day of the Ukraine Gas Investment Congress in Kyiv. The event, hosted by Naftogaz under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy, serves as a platform for dialogue and partnerships in support of a secure energy future for Europe. 

Following a successful opening day, the UGIC continues to explore the the potential for Ukraine to modernise its gas infrastructure and play an essential role in meeting Europe’s energy needs. Participants will hear from key players in the development of Ukraine’s gas sector including Ministers, CEOs and energy leaders as they will examine Ukraine’s potential as a long-term provider of green and energy.

In the morning, participants will address environmental questions, examining the importance of Ukraine for the energy transition and in the development of hydrogen as a key low-carbon resource. Panellists for the morning sessions include Torsten Wöllert, Minister Counsellor for Energy at the European Commission and Dr James Watson, Secretary General Eurogas, along with Oleksandr Riepkin, President of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council. 

The afternoon panels will focus on Black Sea Prospecting and the opportunities of Industry 4.0 for Ukraine’s modernisation needs. Panellists include Martin White, Vice President Halliburton, Maksym Nemchynov, Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine, and Andrii Khomenko, CTO of Naftogaz. 

The central theme of innovation and modernisation on Day 2 reflects the growing recognition in the international community that Ukraine has a major role to play in supplying Europe’s energy needs in the long term. Participants will be able to discuss how this could look in practice and what this means for investors in the sector.