Embracing Investment Opportunities For A New Energy Future

Interview with German Galushchenko, Minister of Energy, Ukraine

You were appointed Minister of Energy in April this year, what have been your immediate main priorities over the last 4 months?

Since taking office, the top priority has been to strengthen Ukraine's energy security, which largely affects the energy security of the entire European continent. In this context, integration with European energy markets and synchronisation of our energy system with the European ENTSO-E power association remain of the utmost importance.

What is your outlook for Ukraine’s upstream gas activities in the medium-term and where do you see immediate opportunity for international companies looking to invest in Ukraine?

We have an ongoing dialogue with numerous companies across the oil and gas value chain with particular focus and emphasis on production and supply of oil and gas, and they are showing great interest in Ukraine. And the Ministry of Energy, in turn, will do what's in our power to simplify the operating conditions and provide the necessary guarantees for our investors.

Where do you see opportunity for international companies looking for potential partnerships and investment openings within Ukraine’s hydrogen energy space?

We are currently working on Ukraine's Hydrogen Strategy with the help of experts engaged by the World Bank and other international partners. Europe sees Ukraine as a priority partner in terms of developing the emerging hydrogen energy, because we have significant potential in this area.

This October the first Ukraine Gas Investment Congress is taking place from 20-22 in Kyiv. Hosted under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy, can you tell us in your opinion, how important is the Congress going to be in terms of showcasing to the world Ukraine’s plans for transforming its energy future?

The first Ukrainian Gas Investment Congress is going to be a high-level event that will bring together world leaders in the industry. I am confident that this will help deepen cooperation and launch new areas of opportunity with our international partners. 

Ukraine has enormous potential in the gas sector, and the Congress will be a great opportunity to communicate our plans and prospects to stakeholders and the public at large.